Nakada 5 Liter XL Air Fryer NKD1300
Price RM599.00
Product SKU NKD1300
Brand Nakada
Size (L x W x H) 30 cm x 42 cm x 33 cm
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Nakada Air Fryer Features:
Dual Temperature Sensing Mode
Open Pause Mode
Transparent Design
Knob Timing Control
Easy To Clean
Light Weight

Multi Usage Air Fry Technology
- Fried -without oil more healthy (fried chicken, nuggets, keropok lekor)
- Grill-Smokeless (grill fish, kebab ,satay , chicken)
- Steam - without water
- Toast- bread with cheese
- Bake -whole cake ,biscuit ,bread, cookies
- Fry - ikan bilis, kacang....

360º Hot Air Circulation
By circulating extremely hot air around your food, you get healthier food because of the lesser oil used and the food gets evenly cooked instead of well done on one end burnt on the other

2 Step Easy Cooking
- 60 minutes timer
- Maximum 220ºC high temperature

- Allow us easily to monitor the whole cooking process of the food
- With the entire cooking process confined within the cooker, you only need to clean the inside of the cooker without leaving oil stains all around your kitchen.

Product Specification
Model: NKD 1300
Machine Capacity: 5L
Pot Capacity: 4L
Voltage: 220-240V/~50-60Hz
Power: 1100W
Warranty: 2 years by Nakada Group (M) Sdn Bhd

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